Extreme Tai Chi
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Doing tai chi on a peak of a mountain


doing tai chi in almost total darkness

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What is Extreme Tai Chi?

Extreme Tai chi is traditional tai that follows the ancient principles of tai chi

bulletrelax at all times
bulletbody upright, good posture
bulletseparate Yin and Yang fully by shifting the body weight
bullethold the hands flat with no tension (beautiful lady's hands)
bulletturn the waist and don't twist the body

It is called extreme because it is difficult to do and requires much diligent training and will power to master.  It is not to be confused with the watered down versions of tai in the east and west that look more like a dancing gymnastic competition than authentic traditional tai chi, as practiced by the masters.

It is also called extreme tai chi because we do the form in all weather conditions.  The classics say - be resilient from forces coming from the eight directions.  So we go out and prove that our form has internal power and resilience by e.g. doing it whilst standing in a fast running river.  If you can do this then your grounding and 'sung' must be excellent. 

Tai Chi Products and Institutes.

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Extreme Tai Chi

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