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Tai Chi Merchandising

We offer online purchasing of our great product line.  Check back often.  Our institutes of tai chi research research and produce new products regurlarly!

Tai Chi Shoes

Regular slipper

tai chi slippers

cost: $50 pair.  All sizes.  High quality cotton soles.

order now,

Advanced pressure sensitive tai chi shoe

Connect your tai chi slippers to your PC and watch your weight shifts!  Tai chi slippers come with bluetooth wireless transmitters and all required PC interface software that logs and shows you a graph of the % weight separation during your form.  Overlay a target graph with what you achieved and compare where you are going wrong.

An example of what 100% weight shifts look like via your tai chi pressure slippers.

cost: $1,500 USB includes all software and hardware.

order now!


Tai Chi Swords

High quality tai chi practice swords 

Customize your sword online!  We have a custom fabrication facility. Order your custom sword online.

Quality workmanship. Beware of cheap imitations from Tan's.



Tai Chi Uniforms

A range of clothes for both teachers and students - everyday and formal wear (like star trek formal attire for visiting dignitaries), maybe also clothes for competition.

For Students

Loose & comfortable

For Teachers

Suitably awe inspiring

Formal Tai Chi Suits

Similar to those worn by star trek officers during formal dinner.  Use when going to yum cha with interstate or international guests.

Cost: $1000

For Competitions

A range of silk in all fashionable colours.  Flaming red and Emerald green are the big sellers this year.  Impress the judges!

Cost: $200 

For extreme weather conditions

A range of special clothes that are loose fitting and comfortable, allowing a full range of movment, whilst offering protection from the elements, be they snow, wind, underwater or sky diving.  Do your form knowing that you are protected!

Cost: varies - price on application


Tai Chi T-Shirts

We have a wide variety of tshirts.

Cost: $30 + Postage and Handling


Tai Chi Practice Mats

Learn the form the easy way - all foot positions clearly marked, as per the Professor's original diagrams - updated in color.

A group tai chi form gone terribly wrong

Cost: $120 (small)

Cost $230 (large)


Tai Chi Media

Selected books, CDs and DVDs.

coming soon.