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Certain controversial tai chi people automatically banned from all forums (built into the web-software).

Feeback Letter #1:

Dear Sifus at Extreme Tai Chi,

I can't tell you how excited I was to find your website on the Internet. I must have read it all the way through five times! I can't believe that someone is finally treating Tai Chi as the full contact martial art it really is (they always forget that chuan means fist). I practice Full Contact Combat Tai Chi with my master Sifu name withheld in Chicago, Illinois and always knew that if someone presented the combat art of Tai Chi to the public (Master name withheld only teaches select students in his basement) then it would be an amazing success. At first I thought that your institute was in Melbourne, Florida but then I realized that it was in Australia. I don't have enough money to come and train in Australia right now but I am saving hard so that I can come and train at your institute. Do you offer a diploma in combat tai chi? I see on the website that you have scientists that work with you but I am mainly interested in the part where you talk about training a generation of tai chi warriors who will fight any other form of martial art. We have similar UFC events here in the USofA but they aren't legal in every state. I'm glad that Australia has the common sense to see the value in no holds barred tai chi. I have also trained in kickboxing and grappling and use these arts to improve tai chi. If I train hard and you think I'm good enough I would like to represent the Extreme Institute in the Tai Chi arts.

I understand why you don't put contact details on the internet, I had to do a seperate search to get your email address, as you must be very busy managing the students at the institute. I hope that you will contact me as I seriously wish to dedicate myself to combat tai chi.

Until I can get to Australia can I take some of your advanced online classes? I feel that I am good enough (my friend gregor clocked me doing seven punches in two seconds) so maybe I can start at Senior Student Black Belt level.

I also understand doing Tai Chi in the cold as it gets really cold here in the winter and I do combat tai chi with gregor on lake michigan. we can tell who is the best because he falls over all the time!

love ya man

name withheld

p/s : I have that sword with the bat symbol and was glad to see that you recommend it too. i had gregor put a sharper edge on it for me and now it can cut through a bamboo test dummy in one cut! if only I could use it on all the people that make jokes about tai chi. we really need an institute like yours over here.

pps: Can't wait to get the movie. Let me know when it come out on dvd!

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