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The aim of this site is to store all my writings on software development, especially on Design Patterns & Programming.  My current fascinations are software visualisation, UML, design patterns, C#, Python and Extreme Programming incl. unit testing, as well as the revolutionary Python-C# hybrid .NET language called boo.

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Design Pattern Courses - for your company

Elevate the effectiveness of your entire programming team - Andy can deliver a design patterns course to you programming team on your company's premises.  Check out the course details here.

Other news

Latest seminar: Running a one day design patterns workshop this Saturday 19th May 2007.

Latest download - Relationship Manager for .NET - I have implemented RM Relationship Manager for .NET using the Boo language (porting it from Python). See it at  RM for .NET

Latest download #2 - A free python code reverse engineering utility and UML modelling tool - PyNSource.

Andy's Latest Patterns Talk - "Design Pattern support in UML tools - part II"  - presented October 2006, with a segment of that talk available on youtube. See part 1 here
Also see
"The road to Bridge" - presented at the Melbourne Patterns Group, 23 March 2005.  A story of how we get from patterns like the Interface pattern to Factory, Strategy, Proxy, Adapter, and finally to Bridge.  Its all about being able to swap implementations. 

Python Tools - A new book-marking plug in for the IDLE python editor is available on my Python IDLE plug-ins page.  UML modelling tool for python - PyNSource.  Also here is a talk I gave on how to use Delphi and Python together & latest "python for delphi" techniques & deployment issues.

Tai Chi - my tai chi classes, in Melbourne, Australia.

Photography - See some photos I've posted using the mighty digital Nikon D50 and VR zoom lens.

Commercial - Visit my commercial educational software product Reason!Able that I built in Delphi.  Now superseded by Rationale, available from

One of my design patterns I have called Relationship Manager and there is a current discussion going on about it. 
RMfullClassDiagram.gif (9708 bytes)

  My latest theoretical work on relationship manager.

The latest tool I have developed and released to the world for free is a python code reverse engineering utility and UML modelling tool - PyNSource.  See picture below.

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