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These presentations were given at ADUG meetings (Australian Delphi User Group) over the period 1999 - 2003.  I enjoyed giving these talks and of course, you really had to be there...  :-)

On Delphi

Delphi is a way cool development environment.  Delphi and the Object Pascal language may not be as popular as Java or C++, but Delphi would arguably come in 3rd in the real world Windows development tool wars.

Delphi is a clean, modern language that uses familiar dot syntax (as used by Java, VB, C++, Python etc).  It compiles to a single EXE and runs fast (on Windows and Linux). 

Delphi is a legitimate and real OO language, fully expressive.  Programmers have been using Delphi to deliver serious OO enterprise solutions years before Java was invented.

The Delphi community is huge and helpful - there are thousands of components for Delphi - both purchasable or open source,  they compile seamlessly into your single EXE.

The idea and design of the Java bean component framework is based directly from Delphi's component framework and the genius architect behind Delphi (Anders Hejlsberg) recently masterminded and invented .NET.  See the full story.