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Bookmarking Plug-in for IDLE

IDLE, the default python editor does not have a bookmarking facility.  :-(

This following plug in gives a rudimentary book-marking capability.  It is rudimentary in the sense that it records line numbers and not true embedded bookmarks which move areound with your code.  See limitations section, below.


Simply hit F2 and a bookmarking window appears with the line number of the line (plus a little bit of the text of that line - for remembering what the line number refers to) formatted in a such a way that if you with your mouse, you can use IDLE's existing ability to jump to that line number.


After book-marking a few lines you see this.  When you on any line you can jump to that line.


The more you edit your files by inserting or deleting new lines, the more the line numbers will 'drift' and not be accurate any more.  Just be aware of this and scroll up or down a little to find the place you want.


1. Edit your c:\python22\Tools\idle\config-win.txt (or config-unix.txt if you are running unix/linux) and add the following entry


2. Put into your  c:\python22\Lib\site-packages directory.

3. Restart idle.

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