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The eagerly awaited high quality Compuserve 1995-1997 discussions now available!!

Software Product  AG00094_.gif (7855 bytes) Description Cost
Toolbook Knowledge Nuggets Reader LITE
Capable of searching all databases covering all years.  Limited to displaying the text of discussions occurring within the last year only.

If you download  the small Version 1.08 patch, this allows searching of entire 1998 & 1999 archives - free.

Toolbook Knowledge Nuggets Reader PRO
version 1.07
Full, registered version.  No limitations. $29 U.S.
buy now
(immediate access to registration code)

After installing "Toolbook Knowledge Nuggets" you can download and add the extra databases, below.

 Register Toolbook Knowledge Nuggets online for $29.

Database Description
Combination of Asymetrix & Internet Usenet Discussion Forums (Listserv) - all in one. 1999

NOTE: Archives after Feb 99 are not being compiled. why?  The programming of Toolbook is no longer an emphasis of the Toolbook product, as such, the recent discussions are more focussed on drag and drop authoring and deployment issues. 

These downloadable archives preserve the heyday of real  toolbook authoring techniques, all of which are still applicable to your current copy of Toolbook

For the more recent discussions, we recommend searching toolbook support resources or googling the toolb-l newsgroup.

Internet Usenet Discussion Forums (Listserv).
This is the biggest and oldest Discussion Forum.

Thousands of questions and answers, advice and solutions - on Multimedia Toolbook programming and authoring.

(also known as the newsgroup   bit.listserv.Toolb-L)

Lots of Toolbook 6.1 here - the year of ActiveX.

Last year's discussions on Toolbook scripting, installing, distributing - listserv forums

Toolbook 4.0 was released - listserve forums

A major new release - Multimedia Toolbook 3 and Windows 95 mark a historic and busy year of Toolbook discussions

1992 - 1994
Older Toolbook Discussion releases
Asymetrix hosted public discussion newsgroup
Lots of good stuff.

Compuserve public Asymetrix WINAPA discussion databases -  Toolbook

This used to be the official tech support forum.  Good quality answers found here.

(ended in 1997)


Australian Toolbook User Group
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