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Download Toolbook Knowledge Nuggets (14.7 mg)
and extra databases (53 meg) (49 meg) (103 meg)

For information on what exactly is in each database, and where it all came from, click here.

How to install

"Toolbook Knowledge Nuggets" -  one-click install

Is a single self extracting setup program.  Simply download and double click on this file

If you are running the toolbook 6 or toolbook 4 or any newer toolbook development environment and are fearful of installing a toolbook 5 runtime on your system - don't worry.  The special Toolbook 5 install routine included in this package does not alter your .TBK or TBLOAD associations and is a totally self-contained installation.

How to add Extra Databases

Each database (representing a portion of a year, e.g. 1997 part 4) is a self extracting setup program, which defaults to adding the database files into your existing 'nuggets' folder located in the directory where you installed the Knowledge Nuggets program e.g. c:\tnuggets\nuggets.  Of course you can unpack the files into a different folder and then add that folder to your Toolbook Knowledge Nuggets Database 'search paths'.

CD burners:  Unzip and burn these files (which are quite large) onto a CD and add the CD to your Knowledge Nuggets Database 'search paths'. You can also buy a ready made CD from us.

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