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Textpad is not a bad editor to use with python.  You can edit with syntax highlighting.  You can install ctags and view classes and methods inside those classes.  You can launch both python and jython from within textpad.  You can double click on errors and jump to the offending line in your python source.

However to set all this up you need to follow the following instructions:

Syntax highlighting

There are numerous python syntax highlighters listed at the textpad add-ins site.  I use the one by Noah Spurrier <noah@noah.org> and Jim Jinkins <j-jinkins@usa.net>, but have customised it so that class and def methods appear in reverse yellow video. 

My own favourite and customised version of a python syntax highlighter for textpad.  Put this in your c:\program files\Textpad 4\system directory.  Also you need to follow the installation instructions for creating a python document class that textpad will know about.

Things look like this:

Launching Python

Launching Jython

Double click on errors and jump to the offending line in your python source

Put the following expression into the configuration sections, as pictured above.

^.*"\([^"]+\)", line \([0-9]+\)

Installing ctags

See http://www.textpad.com/add-ons/index.html

Ctags When you use TextPad to program in a popular programming language (like C/C++, Java, PHP), ctags can be very useful for you. It creates a so called tags file that can be used to navigate through your sources. This small tool can help you to jump to a selected function / variable / class / etc in your code, by pressing just one key. Contributed by Frank Fesevur. Updated on 28 February 2003.